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Hi! I'm Ria, an independent web developer and designer based in Eugene, Oregon. Most of my clients are grassroots organizations, non-profits, and other folks working in the movement for social justice. I'd love to learn more about the work you do and your website goals—get in touch and tell me a little about who you are and what you're looking for.


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Custom WordPress website design and development
Whether you have an existing website in need of a redesign, or are starting from scratch, I can help you reach your website aspirations. It’s my goal to make a site that’s beautiful and effective for all of your website audiences, as well as easy for you to update. I've found that sites that are difficult to maintain don't get maintained, so I strive to set up your editing environment to be clear and easy to use. Most of the sites I build use WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS), and every site process includes training time to make sure all of your team can easily add and edit content on the site.
Consultation and needs assessment
Not sure what your website needs are, which online tools will meet your needs, or whether you even need a website (or something else entirely)? In a Needs Assessment, I will guide your organization through a process to develop a strategy for your online presence. I'll also help you determine whether there are existing services that meet those needs, or whether a custom development approach would be necessary. At the end of the process, you'll have documented recommendations, plus an estimate for implementation.
Website CRM integration

If you use a Customer/Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)* system, integrating the CRM with your website can save you time and build engagement with your members, volunteers, and staff. Integration can take many forms, from simple email list sign-up forms, up through event management and registration. I can help you integrate your CRM into your existing website, or plan integration from the ground up as part of a new site process.

* Example CRMs include Salesforce, Salsa Engage, NeonCRM, CiviCRM, and many more. Integration possibilities will vary depending on the specific CRM you use.

Custom WordPress plugin development
Sometimes, a good solution already exists for functionality you need on your site, but in cases where nothing’s quite right, I can design and program custom add-ons—either as part of a full website process or as an addition to an existing site. Creating a custom solution means that you’ll have software that does exactly what you need it to, with no settings you don’t need or kludges to make existing solutions work.
Non-WordPress coding and development

Aside from WordPress-based websites, I can write code for other systems and scenarios as well. This includes things like email newsletter development, theming or styling within other CMS or CRMs, bespoke static sites, etc.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of programming and markup languages, frameworks and tools I've worked with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, PHP, Laravel Blade, Git, Webpack, Composer, Bud.js, NPM, Yarn, Bootstrap, Hugo, and a little React.

Do you need development work involving something not on this list? Feel free to reach out to see if I'm a good fit!

Ongoing website maintenance and support

WordPress-based websites require ongoing security updates for the core WordPress software, as well as installed plugins. In rare cases, there can be conflicts or visual or functional issues with plugin updates, particularly if there has been visual or functional customization added. If you have a tech-savvy person on staff, I can show them how to safely test these updates—however, many folks opt to offload this testing and updating. When I run updates, I first test them on a copy I've made of your site, and can fix conflicts that occur before running the updates on your live site. I also monitor plugin changes, so in the rare instance where major changes or additions are introduced, we can check in ahead of time rather than an update introducing website issues.

In addition to updates, I can be available for ongoing content entry, website technical support, and feature consultation and implementation.